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Bill Aldred
Carshalton, Gt London


How did you find Brisca F1 Stock Cars?
I grew up in South London, so was mainly a Spedeworth fan but after talking to other supporters, we went to Harringay and soon followed F1 to Crayford, Brafield, Brands etc. Would have been about 19678.

What gave you the incentive to race
I raced Bangers, stock saloons in the south for a few years, always wanted to try the ultimate,and finally got a F1 for the 1991 season.

First Car - Built, Bought or Borrowed
Car was very 2nd hand. Originally built by the Cayzers, I bought it 750 from John Lawn 441.

Memory of your first race.
1st race was '91 opener at Skeggy, and I got the same rush when we all arrived at the 1st bend as I got in my 1st ever oval race 13 years earlier, which is what I was missing. Loved it!!!

Best Racing Memory
Getting 4th in Skeggy final later in the year, and HEARING Bert Finnikin catching me, didn't need to see him in mirror... amazing.

Worst Racing Memory
Worst memory was getting launched onto Northampton wires by Gaz Bott 41, even though I was way off racing line with a black cross on the rear, and he could have passed easy. I know it is stock car racing, but thought that a bit harsh.

Reason for Retiring
Only did one season, travelling was just too expensive, gutted!

After Retiring - What Then?
Went back to bangers, grasstrack etc. BUT.... Hoping to hire a Matt Newson car this year, need the fear again.... Thanks to Gears and Tears.

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